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08:30 Keynote by Schahram Dustdar

09:30 Coffee Break

10:00 Welcome and Opening
    Christian Zirpins, Erik Wilde
, Agnes Koschmider

10:15 Research Papers 1 [30 minutes each]

    Pierpaolo Baglietto, Federico Ballabio, Massimo Maresca and Michele Stecca.
    Telco Service Mashups in IMS Networks

    Christian Zirpins, Elmar Jakobs and Volker Kuttruff.
    Reliable Metering of Commercial Service Mashups

    Victoria Torres, Jose Manuel Pérez, Agnes Koschmider and Florian Daniel.
    Dealing with Collaborative Tasks in Process Mashups

11:45 Lunch break

13:15 Research Papers 2 [30 minutes each]

   Jian Chang, Krishna K. Venkatasubramanian, Andrew West, Sampath Kannan, Oleg Sokolsky, Myuhng Joo Kim and Insup Lee.
   ToMaTo: A Trustworthy Code Mashup Development Tool

   Zoya Durdik, Jens Drawehn and Matthias Herbert.
   Towards Automated Service Quality Prediction for Development of Enterprise Mashups

   Stefan Pietschmann, Carsten Radeck and Klaus Meißner.
   Semantics-Based Discovery, Selection and Mediation for Presentation-Oriented Mashups

   Boris Tapia, Romina Torres and Hernan Astudillo.
   Simplifying mashup component selection with a combined similarity and social-based techniques

15:15 Coffee break

15:45 Closing
Erik Wilde, Christian Zirpins, Agnes Koschmider